NEW - Synthetic Cannabinoids - 2 (Spice/K2) HEIA

targeted at major metabolites of UR-144 and

XLR11 for forensic matrices

NEW - Synthetic Cannabinoids - 1 (Spice/K2) ELISA

for forensic matrices

Improved Formulation - EtG Homogeneous Enzyme

Immunoassay (HEIA)

Superior Quality, Convenient, Efficient

Immunalysis develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay reagents for the screening of Drugs of Abuse and other small molecules in a variety of biological matrices. The company draws upon its expertise in organic chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, assay development and quality control, to supply immunoassay reagents and validated automation options. This combination provides a forensic toxicologist with powerful complete drug screening solutions to meet the challenges demanded by alternative matrices.


  Saliva Collection Device



The Quantisal™l collection device has a unique volume adequacy indicator that turns blue when 1 mL of saliva is collected.  Several agencies require volume adequacy indication on the collection device.  Quantisal™ collects 1 mL of oral fluid (+/-10%).  The pad is then placed in a transport tube that contains 3 mL of a stabilizing extraction buffer, producing 4 mL of total sample volume for the testing laboratory.


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